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I. As for foreign invested projects in Viet Nam
1. Foreign investment project number 01. After the law came into foreign investment, joint venture between Sai Gon Tourism Corporation and the Hong Kong company ... VIKAREN venture established in 1987.

2. Foreign investment projects between Britain's BP with Petrolimex Vietnam to set up joint ventures with oil producers BP $ 26 million in 1989.

3. Foreign investment projects between shrimp aquaculture company Royal Thai commercial company with about Vung tau shrimp exports in 1987 Vung Tau province.

4. Project leather export commodity production between production companies Hau Giang leather shoes with Hong Kong dollars to produce leather exports in 1989.

5. Consulting joint venture projects with foreign companies Hanel total investment of more than $ 200 million in 1990.

6. Consulting joint venture projects abroad for Honda of Japan in 1995.

7. Consulting projects for customers in Japan Nomura Hai Phong in 1996.

8. Venture Consulting Korean and VNAT $ 60 million to build many variations of style, leasing, trading center in 2008.

9. Counseling Center for Maritime Vietnam trade Le Duan Street Hanoi in 2005.

10. Consulting dozen investment projects from $ 1,000,000 to $ 10,000,000.

II. Project Vietnamese businesses to foreign investors.

III. How is the field.
1. Hung Vuong Corporation Law How is a case where different scientists of Vietnam's largest drug defendant, who was associated professor, doctoral scientists, academics, People's Teacher, teacher retirement. University of East Urban Services in 2003, killing deputy director of Dong Anh bank in Ca Lo River - East England in 1986, Kim Ki Jong Services killed Dang Thi Hue burned non-tang in 2008, La Thi Kim Oanh Service in 2003, Vu Thai Forest Service provides 30 post office in the country were charged with lack of responsibility, deliberately ...

2. Economic cases as in Vietnam's largest hydropower Service Yali, across the country from entering the Ca Mau Lang Son valuable disputed tens of thousands of U.S. dollars.

3. Hundreds of civil, administrative and other economic ...

IV. Construction Law, the Code.
• Civil Code in 1995
• Investment Law 1987
• Criminal Law 1985, 2001
• The Labour Code
• Set the civil procedure law
• Ordinance 1994 arbitration
• Arbitration Act 2010.