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1. Legal research center
Forecast of guidelines, policies and laws, development trends of the law to apply to the Strategic Advisory

2. Center for the criminal justice
Lawyers particularly outstanding litigation from investigation, arrest, prosecution, defense, make the most of extenuating circumstances, innocent, procedural errors ...
Hung Vuong Law Firm has been involved in major cases: La Thi Kim Oanh, Vu Xuan Truong Khanh white. Nguyen Lam Thai case, the Song Lam Nghe An case, by the Hung Vuong Law Firm lawyers are free to take criminal responsibility. The case of the public university that the defendant Dong, people involved, witnesses are leading scientists, Academician, Professor, Doctor of Science. Hung Vuong Law Firm has participated in thousands of large and small cases, defendants are mitigated penalty

3. Economic center of civil
Dedicated to protecting the civil, economic, trade, inheritance, property division, in the pre-lawsuit stage, participating as a witness in relation to civil transactions, sharp , smart in finding the evidence, determined to defend the truth to the end
Hung Vuong Law Firm successfully resolved thousands of cases of economic disputes, civil.

4. Labour Administration Centre
Research activities of state agencies in administrative, labor, especially the administrative decision from central to local levels. Hung Vuong Law Firm has helped the province to amend, supplement or cancel the administrative decision is lawful.

5. Center projects
Consultants are experienced, efficient investment, low risk

6. Business Advisory Centre
Establishment, splitting, merging, setting up branches, representative offices and supplement industry, management, taxation, finance, insurance, investment incentives, loans, shares, stocks, trading, leasing lease

7. Arbitration Centre
Dispute resolution is not the court, with the depth resolution of civil disputes, economics, family law, inheritance, contracts. Hung Vuong Law Firm has successfully reconciled many disputes, reduce costs for the parties, saving time.

8. Intellectual Support Center
Complete records and authorized representative sign the protection of intellectual property rights

9. Counseling centers estate transfer, real estate and auction
Advice, sale, rental property, real estate. Thousands sale, lease or transfer the Hung Vuong Law Firm consultants are not disputes

10. Centre for Translation and authentication
Translating the language of the world, offer seminars, conferences

11. International Study Center, tourism, immigration, marriage, divorce with foreigners
Studying the world, rapid procedure. Advice for Vietnam enterprises invest abroad.

12. Center for evaluation and inspection of goods

13. Customer Care Center

14. Center for International Cooperation and

15. Administrative apparatus organization office