L.s Tran Quang My at the International Bar Conference L.s Tran Quang My at a litigation  -  Ls Tran Quang My next General Secretary Do Muoi L.s Tran Quang My in Amsterdam, New York, California and Copenhagen L.s Tran Quang America in Washington DC, New York & Philadelphia L.s Tran Quang My in Paris - France L.s Tran Quang My in Stragbour - France Card International Lawyer  /  Tran Quang My Ls at Golden Gate suspension bridge - San Francisco - USA L.s Tran Quang My in Hamburg - Germany L.s Tran Quang My in Luxembourg, Brussels and Sydney L.s Tran Quang My in Toronto - Canada L.s Tran Quang American president a hearing international disputes in ACIAC Americans donated talented lawyer - I Duy Tung. VietNamNet. mobi 0912.024.712 Mass Protection Law PhD thesis on 26-03-1999 Study of American PhD student Quang Tran.

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  L.S Trần Quang Mỹ
I-arbitrator. Lawyer Tran Quang My
The founder and operations consulting group legal partnership Hung Vuong and founder and executive, president CENTER INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION IN ASIA (ACIAC)
- Graduation with a regular University Legal Department in Hanoi.
- Protect the basis of doctoral thesis: To download legal culture in Vietnam at Hanoi University of Law in 1996.
- Short-term training on arbitration in Denmark, France, U.S.
- Lawyers International Bar Association since 2004.
- President of the Center for International Commercial Arbitration Asia (ACIAC) from 1994


- Lawyer Tran Quang My attorney met with Nguyen Huu Tho - National Assembly Chairman, Mr. Phung Van Tuu, Vice President of the National Assembly proposed a law practice in Vietnam. There were Mr. Nguyen Dinh Loc - Deputy National Assembly Office, later the head of the Justice Department witnesses. More than four years later, when American Lawyer Tran Quang repeatedly suggested. Attorney Ordinance in 1987 was born. Just as the American Lawyer Tran Quang full financial investors hold major conferences around the country, from 2000 to the year, boosted Vietnam Bar Association released later.

These positions through
- Secretary to the Prime Minister's Cabinet Minister Dang Thi - the Committee for economic cooperation with foreign
- Private international lawyers in 2004
- Lawyer Vietnam from 1984
- Law in Vietnam from 1984
- Arbitrators in 1994
- General Director of Consulting Group Company law partnership law in 1984 from Hung Vuong
- President of Commercial Arbitration Centre of Asian International (ACIAC) in 1994 from
- Specialist legal Foreign Economic Relations Department
- Secretary General Committee for Economic Cooperation Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia
- Most participants resolved 4,000 economic, civil, commercial, investment and thousands of large and small criminal cases in the territory of Vietnam and other countries in the world.
- Families living in Hanoi
- Working in Hanoi - Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City - Viet Nam, New York - USA, Paris - France.
- The telephone number to work in Viet Nam (84) 912 753 936 (international network integration)
- The telephone number to work in USA: 001 34 7853 6256 / 001 77 0666 7534
- The telephone number to work in France: (0033) 478 476 365, (0033) 618 472 901
I - The lawyer members in Hanoi - Vietnam

III - The lawyer members in Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

IV - The lawyer members in the Central Province - Vietnam

V - The Lawyer Representative Office in New York - USA

VI - The Lawyer Representative Office in California - USA

VII - The Lawyer Representative Office in Paris - France

VIII - The Lawyer Representative Office in Lyon - France

IX - The Lawyer Representative Office in Sydney - Australia

X - The Lawyer Representative Office in Hamburg - Germany

XI - The lawyer representative office in Toronto - Canada

XII - Coordination Center closed Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City - New York - California - Toronto - Paris - Lyon - Hamburg - Sydney - Hanoi