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        From 1954 to 1975, lawyers and legal consultancy in Vietnam not to develop. Therefore, Chen lived in various profession since. In 1976, Tran Quang My lawyer brought inside the burning deeply revered predecessors did so determined to make the idea of ​​strengthening the traditional occupation of their ancestors. From 1976 to 1990, operating under the name Legal Consulting Office of Legal Club - The Vietnam Lawyers by U.S. Lawyer Tran Quang chairman. From 1990 to 2000, operating under the name of the Company Law Company Law Advisory Services Hung. From 2001 to date, operating under the laws lawyer law firm called Hung King Partnership.

Based on thorough evaluation of future prospects for the legal profession, legal consultancy in Vietnam and the world, many countries in order to understand thoroughly oriented development strategy for the next generations ever have traditionally Family Room, erudite, with a solid premise, a solid career, a life of material stability and power.
Lawyer Tran Quang My Why choose the legal profession and the legal advice of generations of people? For each country, each man can not live outside the law. Therefore, the market demand of lawyers super good, wise advice is timeless. Labor lawyer and consultant is the kind of thinking advanced labor, requiring intelligence, sharp, requiring people to have real talent and real interest. If several generations of lawyers work together, consulting the wisdom of the coefficient of the next generation will be multiplied exponentially community. Having good health, wisdom is the key of a human life firmly on the path of success.

Near the end of articles about law firm Hung Vuong, Tran Quang My lawyers have asked you to add or remove anything? Tran Thu Trang daughter, 12-year-old question: Why publish the name of Hung Vuong Law Firm is not that other name? Tran Quang Khai son, 9 years old, to express an opinion: More on why the site is named Hung Vuong Law Firm.

With the thought direct the call to the law firm's name, everyone must be respected, easy going, easy to say, easy to remember, easy to understand, easy to go into people's hearts, to have the time, internationally, the calendar history. I've asked hundreds of people and many great scientists should name something and are recorded on paper, but no one finds the name of Hung Vuong. Hung Vuong is called after a restless night, I have found. Hung Vuong is the first state law of Vietnam, Hung Vuong is a collection of the best, full of political, luxurious, powerful.

Hung reached the summit of all perfection in terms of angles names in the legal profession, but if another job is the name of Hung Vuong unsatisfactory. With over 20 years, has been a company in Phu Tho took the name but more from Hung Phu Tho. But they're wrong, good lawyers to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh possible, the convergence of Vietnamese elite talent. They took the word of our Hung (Vietnam since that date has not registered for intellectual property law firm), but they must add a single tail, Phu Tho province, the value of their intellectual reduce a lot. They can have good lawyers, but lost the marketing, competition, and even have a branch in Hanoi, they are still small-town lawyer. Department of Justice at the time the Dispatch caught my share of Phu Tho province (90s) gave me a new name is Hung Vuong Hanoi. We confirmed, the Department of Justice is not the agency jurisdiction to decide the disputed name. So we keep forever named law firm partnership Hung (Hung Vuong LAW FIRM Partnership)

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