L.s Tran Quang My at the International Bar Conference L.s Tran Quang My at a litigation  -  Ls Tran Quang My next General Secretary Do Muoi L.s Tran Quang My in Amsterdam, New York, California and Copenhagen L.s Tran Quang America in Washington DC, New York & Philadelphia L.s Tran Quang My in Paris - France L.s Tran Quang My in Stragbour - France Card International Lawyer  /  Tran Quang My Ls at Golden Gate suspension bridge - San Francisco - USA L.s Tran Quang My in Hamburg - Germany L.s Tran Quang My in Luxembourg, Brussels and Sydney L.s Tran Quang My in Toronto - Canada L.s Tran Quang American president a hearing international disputes in ACIAC Americans donated talented lawyer - I Duy Tung. VietNamNet. mobi 0912.024.712 Mass Protection Law PhD thesis on 26-03-1999 Study of American PhD student Quang Tran.

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       CÔNG TY LUẬT HỢP DANH HÙNG VƯƠNG HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM and formerly was born 1906, 1976 to further strengthen the business step predecessors.

      From 1976 to 1990, operating under the name Legal Consulting Office of Legal Club - The Vietnam Lawyers by U.S. Lawyer Tran Quang chairman. From 1990 to 2000, operating under the name of the Company Law Company Law Advisory Services Hung. From 2001 to date, operating under the laws lawyer called LAW FIRM PARTNERSHIPS Hung Vuong.

   Mr Tran Van Dat     Mr Tran Doan Luong           Mr Tran Tu       L.S Tran Quang My

Mr Tran Doan Luong, specifically designed career Tran Van Dat open consultation has been very successful. His grandchildren, dozens of people involved in all areas of law. The cases are spread among impressive ancient descendants to this day:

"Very low non-students
African maize from the skin
Fortune landed property
Assigned kindness
Foreign invasion of any non-prime "
or      "Enlightenment attached sufficient
Education Meets opening win
African maize non-statistical
Four non-African continent "

Business continuity of the predecessors. Mr. Tran Tu teaches the principles and experience to handle lawyer Tran Quang My.

Lawyer Tran Quang My, graduated from medical school a regular system of Hanoi University Legal (no day Hanoi University of Law, there is no law department of the University), complete protection of the background PhD project to study short-term United States, France, Denmark, as an assistant minister Prime Minister Office, the Committee for economic Co-operation - with a foreign culture, the Vietnam lawyers Association national lawyers international recognition as an international lawyer, the lawyer met with Nguyen Huu Tho - National Assembly Chairman, Mr. Phung Van Tuu - Vice President of the National Assembly proposed a law practice in Vietnam. Then Mr. Nguyen Dinh Loc, later Minister of Justice witness. More than four years later, when American Lawyer Tran Quang repeatedly proposed Ordinance lawyer born in 1987.
HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM considered the purpose of survival, long-term development to protect the legitimate rights and interests of man as a guide. Is the guiding ideology of professional expertise, a strategic consulting, learning, eloquence, combined cleverly drawn from the practice of theory with experience in criminal, civil, economic, administrative, labor, investment, trade, management ... of the crystal thickness over many generations.
The Lawyers HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM are trained in basic and professional overseas in Vietnam intellectual and practice time, with high quality food, carefully selected, crucibles, intelligence, sensitivity and resolution guess, consistent, of meaning, grace love is crucial to Hung Vuong LAW fIRM Partnership is an organization that deserve legal advice first, success, prestige and reputation in Vietnam.
HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM  to participate in building many laws, laws and ordinances. Point of HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM always rich in creativity, daring, innovative strategic thinking, innovation. The problemHUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM launched the editor often recognized. There was a problem but not recognized immediately, but always leave extremely powerful impression and confirmed many years later, the ideas will become reality.

HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM open several major conferences in 2002, promoting the Vietnam Lawyers Association released later.

HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM project involved hundreds of millions of dollars of investment into Vietnam as the BP Group, Daewoo, Honda, Mobil, Namura, Toyota, Sam sung.

HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM often an attorney, consultant of the criminal, civil, economic, investment ... Vietnam's largest. Thousands of people are liberated, cleared, reduced or free project to criminal prosecution.

HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM was, is and always steadfast to the truth to protect the victims, for the plaintiff, the defendant in the economic, trade, investment, civil ..

HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM thorough attention to every legal document in the link between thinking and application of the law, forecast growth to efficient service to consultants. The advisory opinion of the HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM by Congress, the Office of the President, government offices, corporations and foreign economic value

With the steady development of thought, this generation to generation,
HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM get honest, dedicated, conscientious, efficient, support each value of strategic thinking as the guiding principles.

HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM and formerly held the oldest advice in Vietnam. The generation of HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM sequence, the previous generation TV experience, given the mission to the next generation. Develop the next generation leader, honored by both traditional admiration, love with all my heart a deep reverence predecessors.

HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM Group is multi-disciplinary consultancy, is held the first legal consultancy to open branches abroad, affiliated with the Center for International Commercial Arbitration of the major countries and hundreds of lawyer's office in the world with a potential material and intellectual wealth and stability. Later descendants with anyone with wisdom and love HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM will take HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM into a multi-disciplinary consultancy operating worldwide.

The success of the  
HUNG VUONG PARTNERSHIP LAW FIRM  is the result of strategic thinking of Mr. Tran Van Dat, Tran Doan The amount of detail, Mr. Tran Tu and Lawyer Tran Quang My next step to find the truth, truth for life, devoted efforts continuous development resources, accumulated experience, accumulated financial guarantee long term stability.

Speaking of legal consulting success, fame, prestige, efficiency, oldest, domestic and foreign customers are always thinking and looking